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Return codes'SMS API

The choice of XML

The OctopushSMS API will return an XML containing:

  • The return code of the API
  • Cost of the campaign or in the "success" node: cost of sending.
  • Your balance remaining after sending
  • The list of numbers you provided, with the charges in your currency for each number, and the associated error code.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

Defining XML Tags

Code Definition
cost Cost of the campaign or in the "success" node: cost of sending.
balance Your remaining balance.
ticket Your ticket was sent. You can identify your campaign, and recover CA if you have selected "Premium".
sending_date Expected date of the campaign launch begining
number_of_sendings Required SMS depending on the size, number of SMS, and type of SMS (with Unicode characters: 1 SMS for every 70 characters; 1 SMS up to 160 characters; 1 SMS every 137 characters if the SMS exceeds 160 characters).
currency_code SMS pricing currency.
successs Lists of numbers treated as valid and charged.
recipient Formatted phone numbers.
country_code Country of the Phone Number.
failures List of wrong numbers.