Free and immediate reminder Free and immediate reminder (From outside France, remove the first 0 and start with 0033)

Send push SMS


This sends a simple SMS. You can specify multiple phone numbers in the "sms_recipients" parameter by separating them with a ",".
One good way to use this is to send to blocks of 200 to 500 numbers at a time during your campaigns:

  • < 200: you multiply calls and waste connection time
  • > 500: the frame becomes heavy and the risk of data loss increases.



Json :



Special parameters

Name Definition
user_login User login (email address).
api_key API key available on your manager.
sms_recipients List of numbers in international format + XXZZZZZ separated by commas.
sms_text Message text (maximum 459 characters).
sms_type SMS Type: XXX = Low Cost SMS; FR = Premium SMS; WWW = Global SMS. In France, if "STOP XXXXX" is missing from your text, the API will return an error.
sms_sender Sender of the message (if the user allows it), 3-11 alphanumeric characters (a-zA-Z).

Curl example

curl "*****%40******.com&api_key=***************&sms_text=un+exemple+de+texte&sms_recipients=0033601010101&sms_type=FR&sms_sender=Octopush"

XML Back

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

JSon Back


Defining XML Tags

Refer to page XML Returns

* Pour certains utilisateurs ovh, l'utilisation de curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_FRESH_CONNECT, true); dans leur séquence d'envoi en CUrl pourrait être utile.