Free and immediate reminder Free and immediate reminder (From outside France, remove the first 0 and start with 0033)

SMS two ways SMS


When sending to mainland France (you may inquire regarding other destinations), you can activate the "SMS answer" option.
The sender is replaced by a short number, at no charge, to which which your recipients can reply.

Receiving replies

3 ways to get the replies:

  • On the interface: you have access to your replies either by country or by date.
  • Email: send us an email to which we will reply with the answers as soon as they arrive.
  • By Callback: send us a URL that we can use to send you the answers. > Read more



Json :



Special parameters

Name Definition
user_login User login (email address).
api_key API key available on your manager.
sms_recipients List of numbers in international format + XXZZZZZ separated by commas.
sms_text Message text (maximum 459 characters).
sms_type SMS Type: XXX = Low Cost SMS; FR = Premium SMS; WWW = Global SMS. In France, if "STOP XXXXX" is missing from your text, the API will return an error.
with_replies Set to 1 to indicate that you want answers to messages that were sent

Curl example

curl "*****%40******.com&api_key=***************&sms_text=un+exemple+de+texte&sms_recipients=0033601010101&sms_type=FR&sms_sender=Octopush&with_replies=1"

XML Back

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

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Defining XML Tags

Refer to page XML Returns