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About us

Our history :

Octopush Celia, Jean carl and Yoni had a diner during the summer 2011 at a pizzeria. Yoni proposed to launch a company in the SMS space as he saw an opportunity for a better service in the market having tested all of our competitors solutions while working at Vivendi. 6 month later Octopush was live.

Why a green octopus ?

Good question. When looking for a name, we wanted an animal to represent us. Octopus was a good fit especially because with an "h" at the end, it allowed us remind our customers we are in the "push" industry.
The logo was so successful that the octopus has become the CEO of our joke! And it works!

What do you suggest ?

Octopush offers a solution that was built in-house as a hosted service (SaaS, Software as a Service and an API) to allow marketing departments of major groups, advertising agencies and IT companies to enjoy an infrastructure that supports sending SMS messages to more than 200 countries.
Our service is currently being used by more than 15000 customers (Updated: Jun 2017).

Our mission statement :

To create a simple and user-friendly SMS service for professionals.

The team :

Célia Rehby – CEO

Célia Rehby – CEO

Celia holds an LLB in law and started her career as an immigration officer for the State of Israel (Startup Nation) in France. She had an overwhelming desire to start something new when she met her childhood friend, Yoni, who was on a trip to Marseille, and Octopush was born.
She now runs the company with an iron hand in a velvet glove.

Yoni Guimberteau – CTO

Yoni Guimberteau – CTO Linkedin - Yoni Guimberteau – CTO

Yoni started in the SMS domain in 2005 as a quality expert and technical consultant.
After developing several SMS platforms, he decided to bring his experience and expertise in the field to start Octopush. The end result is an improved platform that is super-reliable and user-friendly.
Yoni is the system architect and always does his best to meet the needs of our customers.

Jean carl Cohen – COO

Jean carl Cohen – COO Linkedin - Jean carl Cohen – COO

Jean-Carl holds two MAs in International Business Law and Accounting an Finance, and above all, is a passionate web entrepreneur.
He supports and organises the growth of the company.