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SMS sending platform

The quick and easy solution to send your messages worldwide in seconds.

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Our Services

Business SMS

Personalized sender, Advanced Statistics, Instant Delivery: Business SMS work for your company

Voice SMS

Prospecting and information campaigns by voice message, on fixed and mobile phones

SMS 2.0

Edit a mini mobile site with our WYSIWYG tool, for unique Landing Pages and a new user experience


Revolutionize your business communication and delight your customers with the Whatsapp for Business experience

Virtual Number

Dedicated virtual number rental in over 40 countries to better communicate with your contacts around the world.

HLR Lookup

Check your databases in real time, for an improved management of your SMS campaigns


New A2P messaging generation. Reinvent the codes of communication between businesses and consumers with RCS.



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** 0 to 160 characters: 1 SMS
161 to 306 characters : 2 SMS
307 to 459 characters : 3 SMS
*according to operator

Our Features

Bulk SMS

Send SMS campaigns to lists of thousands of contacts in a few clicks. Bulk SMS allow you to effectively get your message out to the largest possible number of people

SMS Marketing

Send your advertising campaigns by SMS and guarantee maximum visibility

Transactional SMS

Customer follow-up, reminders and information by SMS. Manage your customer relationship thanks to transactional SMS, the guarantee of a successful communication

SMS Reply

Chat, Polls, Questionnaires and Forms by SMS. Analyze Answers and improve your business performance. Free service.

Schedule Messages

Achieve greater freedom. Schedule your SMS text messages in advance at the date and time that suits you.

Personalization Merge Tags

Automate Personalization of your SMS for a better communication with your contacts

Customizable Sender

Customize the sender of your SMS and become instantly identifiable. Efficiency and customer proximity guaranteed


Measure the impact of your campaigns with our powerful Statistics tool. Essential to monitor your activity

Usage Alert

Receive an automatic alert as soon as you reach your minimum SMS credit threshold. Customizable settings

Secure Data

Our platform implements all technical and organizational means to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data of its users and recipients in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Contacts Management

Import your databases in various formats and Manage your contacts with our Lists: update, change, add number

Stops Management

Blacklist automatic STOPS, so that they no longer receive marketing SMS from our platform in accordance with the legislation in force.

Campaign Templates

Create and Save your campaign templates or use pre-filled SMS campaign templates  for easy and efficient campaigns.

Sub-accounts Management

You want to collaborate in a team, you are a franchise network or other. The Octopush platform allows you to delegate campaign management to sub-accounts in total autonomy

Octopush API

Easily integrate Octopush into your applications
by getting the code for the desired language

SMS offers new opportunities
SMS and mobile marketing offers new opportunities for the development of the customer relationship of small and medium-sized companies both at the commercial and technical levels. They can now be sent via computer pc / mac, tablet and even smartphone. An infinity of applications follows. Some are obvious like customer information with Transactional SMS, advertising campaigns with text message marketing, or after-sales management. Others are just waiting to be invented.
Short messages allow clear, fast and accurate exchanges:
These short messages allow clear, fast and accurate exchanges. These 160 characters born from the merger between telephony and computing modernize what used to be known as telex. The public understood it well since several billion text messages are exchanged around the world each year. New functions are developing rapidly, as the various uses have made it possible to develop a wide range of SMS services, like email to sms or bulk text messaging
Select your service provider correctly
Competition in this sector is strong, yet it is important to know how to select your bulk SMS service provider and not to make a mistake. Octopush is positioned as a major player in this fast-growing sector, relying on an aggressive pricing strategy and impeccable service. Connected to over 600 operators and able to deliver SMS in more than 200 countries, we are your single contact in the management and handling of your needs.
An SMS API to automate the sending of SMS:
Octopush offers an SMS API to automate your SMS sending by directly connecting your applications and information systems. Our documentation allows you to integrate your API in a few hours and thus increase the power of your services. As you know, SMS is a wide topic. To find out more, do not hesitate to consult the articles that we wrote on this subject in order to understand all its aspects. In case you would like to know more about SMS gateway or about sending SMS, do not hesitate to consult the encyclopedia of SMS.