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Introduction of Octopush’ SMS API

Octopush allows you to automate sending SMS with your applications, software and information systems.
Integrate SMS using our SMS HTTP API.
With Octopush you can send SMS messages to more than 200 countries that are directly connected to our infrastructure for the best price.



All of the documentation required to integrate the API is available from the menu on the left of this page.


Where should I start?

Create a user account by clicking the button below

API key

To use our SMS API, you need an API key in order to be identified within our system. It is provided to you at registration, and is available from your user profile.


Why not use my password?

We do provide a “user” / “password” connection, but the “user” / “api_key” connection allows you to delegate development using our API to an external provider without providing access to the user interface of your Octopush account where your data is stored.