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Happy Valentine’s Day! At Octopush we’re glad to be your chosen one for your Marketing. Here are 10 FREE templates that you can use with your customers for Valentine’s to let them know you love them too.



Help last-minute shoppers with gift options

Need help with your Valentine’s presents? Check out this selection of gifts we prepared for you [URL]. From your friends at [company]


Offer free shipping

FREE shipping for your Valentine’s presents! Use this code in your next purchase [code]. Your friends at [company]



Hotels & Restaurants

Offer a special deal to celebrate Valentine’s Day at your restaurant

Celebrate the Valentine’s with us! Send RESERVE to save a table at [company] with a [discount] discount. Dinner deals starting at [price]€. We’re waiting for you! [company]


Remind them of their reservations with an SMS

Hello [name], We wanted to remind you that we have reserved a table/room for you on [date] at [hour] for Valentine’s Day. We’re looking forward to receiving you as a guest. Best regards, [company]


Medical Clinics

Explore a new channel of communication with your patients and send them good wishes

Happy Valentine’s Day! We wanted to remind you how special you are. Thank you for choosing us always. Best wishes, [company]


Use the occasion to remind your patients they should get a have a complete check done.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Take care of you heart as well as the rest of your body. Make an appointment to have a full health check [URL]. [company]



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Promote your special events

Valentine’s Day Special! Get tickets for our upcoming events here [URL]. Long live the lovers! [company]


Contests & giveaways to your events

Special Gift for you! Send VALENTINE and participate for two tickets to an event of your choice. Happy Valentine’s Day! [company]



Offer your customers a special gift for they loyalty

Happy Valentine’s Day! As a reward for your loyalty, here’s a gift for you. Send VALENTINE to [number] and get in the draw.


Offer a referral program for Valentine’s month.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Come to the gym with your special person in February and get a discount for both. Friends also count! [URL]. [company]



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