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Bulk Text Messaging

With CRM Softwares for Profitable Results

bulk text messaging

Why should companies combine bulk text messaging with CRM softwares?

A CRM and SMS integration is when your business’ texting platform and a CRM system connect via an SMS API. This connection means that these two platforms can now ‘speak’ to each other, enabling them to share and sync data. In other words, this means that you can create automated and event-specific journeys using a single platform.

The benefits of a CRM and bulk SMS integration

Using a professional API can reduce the operational work of your business and improve customer experience. Below are some examples of how an SMS API can be used. 

  • Send bulk text messages: Let’s start with understanding the benefits of bulk SMSing itself. With bulk SMS, your capacity is not limited to one-off sends. You can send customized bulk messages in different languages and characters to a targeted audience, over a global range of networks. All you need to do is, prepare your message, create your contact list using filters, and send. Thanks to an UTM parameter, you can then track results and measure the effectiveness of the campaign. 
  • Set up workflows: The main advantage of this set up is the simplicity of integration. With an easy drag-and-drop functionality, you can make the workflow as simple or as complex as you like. You can create a workflow builder in which you can encompass an entire multichannel marketing campaign on the same platform. This means that sent messages will be logged automatically like CRM activities, and you won’t have to manage multiple systems.
  • Use behavior-based triggers to send SMS:  It’s very important to send the right message, to the right person at the right time. With this trigger, once a customer or prospect is identified based on an action he/she took, the system sends a message automatically related to the action they just took. This could be a notification, an update or a reminder. This kind of communication is ought to increase customer engagement. 
  • Personalization: Including the customer’s personal information in the text message, makes your SMS more relevant to the recipient, which will lead to a higher ROI in your CRM solution. If your contact list contains the first name, surname, geographic location or any other personal information, you can enter some parameters and the system will automatically fill those in for you. You can enter unlimited custom contact fields.
  • Two-way communication: This is an important quality in any customer-focused business. With the use of an auto-responder text message, common questions can be answered within seconds. This means that workload will be reduced and clients will receive an answer quickly. Getting back to customers as soon as possible is key to a high conversion rate.  

Unified Reports: You will be able to monitor email and SMS results simultaneously without jumping between screens or applications. You can easily build custom reports to analyse data.

What does Octopush offer?

Integrating your CRM with Octopush’s SMS API is cost-efficient and easy. You will be able to send bulk text globally to a wide range of networks quickly and efficiently. The platform is easy to use and we guarantee data security.  Furthermore, Octopush accommodates to 3 different CRM tools:

  1. Salesforce
  2. Zapier
  3. Microsoft Dynamics 

Visit our website to get more information on our APIs, as well as follow a step-to-step guide on how to get started with bulk text messaging

Take your first steps now

If you are not using SMS APIs as part of your marketing strategy, do not delay further. Register for free and get unlimited Access to our amazing platform. Once you’ve falling in love with it, please do check out our pricing plan and pick the plan that suits you the best.

You can read though our API documention here and decide which one suits your business the best.