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Email to SMS service

The key benefits

Email to SMS

The powerful integration of email to SMS getaway

What is email to SMS and how does it work?

Email to SMS is a service that converts your email to text messages at the click of a button.  This service is compatible with common email providers such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Mac Mail. 

Email to SMS is easy to use and easy to integrate. This service can be set up and sent in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Log into your account, compose your email, choose your recipient list and send. Use your email account to write your SMS message and use the ‘To:’ field to enter the recipient’s detail.  You can send your message to either one or multiple recipients.  
  2. Octopush  will then converts your email into an SMS message.
  3. Your clients will receive your SMS message instantly. 

How to use the SMTP API 

SMS messages are delivered by submitting a specially formatted email to the API. We recommend the following: 

  1. The subject line of the email must contain login credentials as a query
  2. The body of the email must contain clear text and rest of the setting

To see visually how the encoding and parameters work, please click for the documentation here. Alternatively you can send you queries to sms@octopush-dm.com

The advantages of using email to SMS with Octopush

The key advantages of managing your SMS messages through an e-mail account are the following:

  • No extra software needed: You can send your SMS messages directly from your email account. No extra software or plug-in is required. 
  • It’s easier to express yourself: You can send an email to SMS message with up to 1,400 characters. With email to SMS, you don’t need to hesitate to express yourself in full. 
  • Reliability: Monitoring and reviewing reports of email to SMS is just as easy as a standard bulk SMS campaign. 
  • Multiple interfaces: Whether you are more comfortable using your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, an email to SMS message can be sent on any kind of web interface platform.
  • No integration costs: There are no integration costs to connect your database to our SMS software. The integration process is very smooth with zero disruption. 
  • Centralize your communication:  Email to SMS allows you to centralize and manage all of your communication from one spot. You can use softwares like CRM, Analytics, Support, and Agenda to manage your targeting and tracking every time you send an SMS.
  • Cost-effective with worldwide access: Sending an SMS is very cost-effective no matter where in the world you are sending it to. Whether it’s an urgent alert or an update, your SMS message will be delivered through your email account instantly low-cost. Check out our amazing prices here
  • Easy set up: You can set up your account for multiple users or departments on multiple accounts. You will have full control of who has access to what. Our high-quality getaway can be set up and customized to whatever is convenient to your business.
  • Status update: Once your email to SMS message has been sent to the customer, we will send you a receipt of delivery. 
  • Works with any email client: You can access your email to SMS account from a wide range of devices and we support all email providers. 

Create a free account with Octopush

At Octopush, we offer a fully integrated SMS software package that will work perfectly with your business’s existing software.  

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