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Two-Way SMS | Message Reply

The Best Way to Communicate With Your Customers

Two-Way SMS | Message Reply

Two-Way SMS Messaging is a free service provided by Octopush, which enables you to both send and receive messages from your customer. This feature aims to interact with clients and engage with them in real-time conversations.

Do you want to build a rapport with your current and prospect customers? If you’re looking for a tool that allows you to receive feedback in real-time to improve your campaign performances, our message reply service is the best choice for you!

What is the Message Reply Service? 

Two-Way SMS Messaging allows you to initiate a conversation with your existing and potential client base.  The service encourages your audience to interact with you via SMS

The tool requires either a long number or a shortcode to enable your customers to reply to your SMS messages.

Once you’ve purchased a virtual number for the target country, you can receive messages through your client portal, email, or through a callback URL of your choice. If you decide to use our API, the information will be directly reflected in the software in which you will have integrated our service.

Why use Two-Way SMS Messaging? 

To name a few, Two-Way SMS Messaging makes responding to feedback requests and confirm appointments quick and simple for customers.

We guarantee that those who wish to use this proximity marketing tool will not be disappointed.  By providing your customer a platform to express themselves will strengthen your relationship.

This tool can be used to maximize performance as it allows you to collect and analyze data.

The advantages of message reply

  • Highly cost-effective:  If you send and receive SMSes via the SMS Pro France, this service is free of charge.

  • Maximize performance:  Engaging with your customers will allow you to get better insights on their needs. A better understanding will let you to take the right measures to increase the conversion rate.

  • Easy Access: You can receive messages through your client portal, software, or through a callback URL of your choice.

Message Reply with Octopush:

From 300 SMSes to 150,000 SMSes, we’ve got a range of bulk SMS packages to meet your needs. For larger quantities do not hesitate to contact us, we’ve got a solution for everyone.

Top Characteristics of Two-Way SMS Messaging

  • Sender ID: The sender ID will be a short code consisting of up to 6-digits. You can not personalize the sender ID with your or the companies name.

  • Virtual long numbers: This is compatible with our dedicated virtual number product.

  • The size of the SMS: Maximum 160 characters

  • Deliverability: 100%

  • Average sending time: Instant

We also provide other services such as spam protection, quick delivery of messages and more.

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