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SMS Marketing

Optimize your marketing campaigns

SMS marketing

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a business strategy that involves sending promotional or transaction text messages directly to the users mobile phones. 

When users receive text messages on their mobile devices, they tend to check their messages immediately. This need to check their mobile phones right away makes SMS marketing a key strategy for businesses. 

Since SMS marketing is a direct and personal way to interact with the customer, it’s really important to make use of it correctly with a competitive edge. Continue reading to find out how.

SMS Marketing is your go-to digital channel

In today’s day and age, there are various types of marketing channels. For example: we’ve got social media marketing, email marketing, and SMS marketing is another one of those but with higher potential.  

SMS marketing is a great channel in which you can send targeted bulk SMSes to thousands of users instantaneously to achieve a high engagement and conversion rate without breaking the bank.  In fact, SMS marketing is more efficient than any other marketing channels as you are targeting users who have opted-in to receive text messages from you.

More than 95% of users who receive SMSes open and read the text within the first 4 minutes. This open rate is very impressive considering that the open rate of an e-mail newsletter stands between 18-30%.

Why SMS marketing?

SMS marketing has gained a lot popularity amongst customers and businesses. By sending tightly targeted and highly customized messages, you can send out very powerful campaigns. Whether you are a small or big business, the results are outstanding.

Here are some successful use cases

We’ve put together some use cases of how SMS marketing could be implemented.

  • Sales Promotion: Promoting limited-time offers will create a sense of urgency. When the clock is ticking, there are more chances of converting.

  • Launching a new product: Keeping your customers in the loop can be beneficial. This will increase engagement and drive traffic to your website which will lead to more sales. 

  • Exclusive promotions: Consumers respond best when they are made to feel special. Providing them with special discount codes will give them a reason to stay on your subscriber list and they feel a sense of loyalty towards you. You could also notify audiences about upcoming events or sales to be sure that they can purchase items on time. 

  • Jump into special occasions: Sending customer messages on special occasions such as birthdays and seasonal holidays is a fun and easy way to interact and stand out from your competition. It makes your messages more personal without being too pushy.

  • Targeting and re-targeting: These messages can be trigger-based and automated to send users notifications, alerts or reminders.  This is a great opportunity to upsell other relevant services.

The benefits of SMS Marketing

  • Simplicity: There is no need to download additional softwares or applications to send SMSes.  All of you need is an efficient all-in-one SMS platform to deliver high-quality bulk SMSes.

  • Higher reach: With an impressive open rate of more than 95%, SMS marketing messages present an opportunity for higher engagement.

  • High deliverability rate: Send thousands of text messages in just a few seconds without going through spam and filters.

  • Sustainability:  SMS marketing is a carbon-free way of communicating. If you want to make your business ‘greener’, with SMS marketing you are going in the right direction. 

  • Cost-effective with a high ROI: SMS marketing is a low investment channel with a high ROI. For just a few cents per messages, you can achieve profitable results.  To check out our amazing prices, please click on https://www.octopush.com/en/sms-prices/

  • Direct interaction: There can not be anything better than sending customers the right message at the right time, literally straight into their hands.

  • Compliance:  Octopush has got you covered! We are compliant with ISO and GDPR standards. Any new regulations are updated automatically in our system allowing you to send messages stress-free.

  • Legal mentions: For legal reasons, it’s important to mention the keyword ‘STOP’ in your text messages to allow customers to unsubscribe. If for whatever reason, this keyword is not mentioned, Octopush will send you an alert.

SMS Marketing with Octopush

With Octopush, sending SMS marketing campaigns couldn’t have been easier.

We have an online platform that’s built for speed, scale, and deliverability. Everything from creating your contact list to sending your campaign can be done in just a few clicks. 

Create an account with us for free and get started! You can read through our easy-to-follow instructions, or you could contact our professional customer service.