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SMS Notification

Optimize Customer Relation

sms notification

Transactional SMS, a privileged digital communication tool for you and your customers

Transactional SMS is an SMS sending that follows an action taken by one of your customers or prospects. It allows professionals to meet the expectations of their contacts by sending a message at each key step of their journey.

The use of Transactional SMS gives added value to your customer service, technical support and more. 

Your customers and you? A story ready to be written.

The relationship you have with your customers is built throughout the customer journey. Each step of the way is an opportunity you have to get feedback, engage with your clients in a valuable way and build up a positive relation. 

From registering a visitor on your website to delivering their purchase or reminding them of appointments, be there for your users and improve their experience while building their loyalty.

What is SMS Marketing?

Transaction SMS connect businesses and clients by sharing important information between them. Do you need to confirm a purchase, call back an appointment, or send a secure password? 

All these actions require time and human resources if they are not automated within your company or organization.

Transactional SMS allows you to send the right message at each step of your customers’ journey – with no hassle, no delays and no extra costs. 

Once you have defined the key actions (registration on your site, purchase, appointment request, etc.), set up the sending of an adapted and personalized SMS template, which will take charge of the process and allow you to create a link with your customer. Every time the customer takes a step, your company will be right by their side with SMS Transactional.

Who is Transactional SMS for?

Transactional SMS is intended for professionals who want to improve their brand image, strengthen their customer relations and optimize their communication. SMS is the most impactful mean of communication – 90% of people open their messages within three minutes of having received it. Use that to your favour with SMS Notification at Octopush. 

Key accounts or SMEs, bring your teams together with SMS Notification messages.

Healthcare establishments or medical offices, remind your patients of appointments.

Hotel and Restaurants, confirm reservations.

And much more. 

Check our user cases to improve your communication.

Do you use customer management software? CRM? Do you manage an eCommerce site or develop an application?

You can automate the sending of your Transactional SMS messages from any platform by integrating the API in a few clicks. Check the documentation needed here.

Why are businesses using Transactional SMS?

A recent study shows that over 60% of adults prefer to receive information over text rather than a call. Sms messages are a non-intrusive way of communication that empowers the customer just as much as it benefits your business. The recipient of the message can read the information at their leisure and choose how to respond at their pace. With opening rates as high as 98% at Octopush, your message is guaranteed to reach your recipient. 

Transactional SMS usually contain time-sensitive information and using an automated service to deliver it is key to getting the message to the recipient and to getting a quick answer back. They deepen customer relationships and build up loyalty, all while saving money for your business by reducing human resources. 

Transactional SMS is not only an advantage for your company but a necessity for most business nowadays. Because of their informative nature, they can even be sent to DND numbers – the range of reach of Transactional SMS is substantial. They are a valuable marketing tool that keeps customers engaged after a purchase, establishing a direct connection between them and the business that positively influences their decision to use your company again.

Use examples of Transactional SMS:

  • SMS Notification and Monitoring: reassure your customers by confirming their purchases on your eCommerce site by SMS, thus reinforcing your serious and reliable brand image.

  • Order and delivery tracking: inform your customers of the progress of their orders and delivery times, your customers will feel taken care of throughout their shopping journey.

  • Appointment reminder: confirm or remind your contacts of an appointment. You can best manage your teams’ schedules and guarantee your turnover.

  • One Time Password: generate a temporary password to secure payments or other customer actions on your service platforms. With this tool, you protect your users’ data access and take a further step towards compliance with personal data protection legislation.

Check out our examples of how Transactional SMS can be used.

Benefits of using Transactional SMS:

  • Readability: SMS opening and reading rates are around 98%, that means the message gets through and your campaigns are read. You guarantee optimal follow-up.

  • Cutting costs: Premium SMS sending at the lowest rates. Invest in your customer relationship at a lower cost. Consult all our rates online.

  • SMS API: our SMS API allows you to integrate a Transactional SMS sending from the software you use to manage your business, thus automating the SMS mailings according to your needs and ensuring that you are always close to your customers at all stages of their journey.

  • 24/7 sending: unlike marketing campaigns, Transactional SMS is not limited to a particular schedule, which allows you to provide the best service to your recipients.

  • No Stop Notice: Transactional SMS is not subject to anti-spam legislation, as it is useful to the recipient.

  • Long SMS + 160 characters: with Premium SMS, your Transactional SMS can exceed the 160 character limit and allow you to optimize the content of your message.

Transactional SMS at Octopush:

With Octopush, you can send Transactional SMS messages in a simple and automated way. Use triggered text messages based on actions taken by your customers, send bulk Transaction SMS and start conversations with your prospects using Octopush. 

We provide you with all the API documentation you need to integrate our solution into your favourite software for free.

Our customer service is at your disposal at all times to guide you in the use of our services. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Discover all the features offered by Octopush: statistics, scheduled sendings, consumer notifications, and more.