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How does it work ?

How does the Octopush SMS service work ?

Simple and intuitive. Set up your first campaign within 106 seconds

Setp 1. Create your account

  • Fill in the registration form by entering your email and phone number.
  • The account is created: no commitment.
  • Privacy Policy: Don't worry. Octopush will never use your personal information for marketing purposes or pass them on to third parties.

Estimated time: 9 seconds

Step 2. Import your SMS contacts list

  • Load your contact list in 2 clicks.
  • Octopush allows de-duplication of your lists, and checks the validity of mobile numbers in your files.

Estimated time: 42 seconds

Step 3. Send your SMS campaign

  • Write your message.
  • Set up custom sending options, direct mail, delayed sending, campaign models and receipt acknowledgements.
  • Test and send.

Estimated time: 55 seconds

Step 4. Check your campaign statistics

  • Check your campaign history and sending reports (including receipt confirmation for SMS Pro).
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