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SMS User Manual

How to launch a campaign?


Follow our 4 Steps Guide, and manage your campaign in few minutes:

Step 1: Create your account

  • Fill the registration form by filling in your email and phone number

  • The account is created: there is no commitment.

  • Privacy policy: Please be aware that Octopush will never use your personal information for marketing purposes or pass it on to third parties.


Estimated Time : 9 seconds

Step 2: Import your SMS contact list

  • Upload your contact list in 2 clicks

  • Octopush allows you to de-duplicate your lists and check the validity of the mobile numbers in your files


Estimated time : 42 seconds

Step 3: Send your SMS campaign

  • Create your message

  • Set up options for sender personalization, personalization merge tags, scheduling messages, campaign templates, and acknowledgments of receipt

  • Test and send


Estimated time : 55 seconds

Step 4: Access your campaign statistics

  • Check your campaign history and your sending reports (including for Business SMS, acknowledgments of receipt)