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HLR Lookup

Check your databases in real-time for a much more efficient marketing campaign.

hlr lookup

HLR Lookup, the database update tool for controlled messaging costs

Check and verify phone numbers in your databases. Thanks to Lookup you can keep files clean and up to date.

Are your databases starting to feel dated? Do you have too many SMS deliveries coming back as failed? Do you want to save money on your email marketing budget?

Then HLR Lookup meets your needs.

What is HLR Lookup?

HLR  stands for  Home Local Register Lookup. It is an online general database that contains all information about mobile lines of subscribers that are authorized to use the GSM. 

This service allows you to check the existence and validity of a mobile line in real-time, the roaming status of a mobile number, or the type of phone number.         

It is offered to users to allow them to control how updated their databases are and thus reduce the probability of failures in their mailings.

Who is HLR Lookup for?

Are you unsure of how new many of your files are?

Do you have lists of many contacts and customers that are starting to feel old and you end up finding failures in the statistics of your SMS campaigns? 

HLR Lookup will solve these problems, helping you identify invalid mobile numbers, or pinpoint numbers when they do operator portability. This tool will allow you to save money messaging, after removing outdated numbers. 

Advantages of HLR Lookup:

  • Savings: With HLR Lookup, you reduce your messaging costs by eliminating invalid numbers.

  • Real-time information: the verification is done in real-time and allows you to have the most current database possible.

  • International: the service allows you to obtain subscriber information on a global scale.

  • Simplicity: the verification is done directly from our platform, without any download.

  • API: our service is available by API *, so you can easily integrate it with your software, application or CRM.

How does HLR Lookup work?

Octopush allows you to check the databases from your client interface or API directly from the software, CRM or application used by your professional activity. *

The verification price is fixed and lower than the cost of sending an SMS, which assures you a significant saving on your mailings.

HLR Lookup at Octopush:

To benefit from our service and to get assistance from our technical service for API integration, Contact us now.

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