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Low Cost SMS

Your marketing campaigns at the lowest price

Two-Way SMS | Message Reply

Low-cost SMS is the cheapest advertisement channel. It is an effective marketing medium that should be an integral part of any mobile marketing strategy. Why? Because it’s efficient, cost-effective, and versatile. 

Do you want to use bulk SMS to maximize the performance of your brand at a low price? If the answer is yes, you must opt-in for low-cost SMS.

Low-cost SMS is the ideal tool for your SMS marketing campaigns

What is low-cost SMS?

Simply put: Low price and high efficiency.

Low-cost SMSes allow you to send messages in bulk to reach the maximum number of customers. With a character limit of 160 per text, the channel is effective in sending personalized messages in return of high performing campaigns.

It is THE channel that  allows you to achieve your marketing objectives at the best price.

Why low-cost SMS?

Low-cost SMS is a valuable asset to those who wish to send a marketing campaign to a large number of individuals at a low price.

The best way to implement bulk SMS is to use a reliable and user-friendly tool. Our interface is so easy to use that campaigns can be executed without any technical expertise. All you need is a strong internet connection and powerful content.

Check out our campaign templates, and share them on our platform.

The benefits of low-cost SMS

Opt in for low-cost SMS: a short message that generates immediate response and action.

  • Cost-effective: With low-cost SMS, you can reach thousands of individuals for a small price. Due to its inexpensive setup and high engagement, campaigns receive a high ROI. To check out our fantastic prices, please click on https://www.octopush.com/en/sms-prices/

  • High deliverability rate: On average, messages are successfully sent within the first 8 seconds with an impressive delivery rate of 99%

  • Higher reach: With an outstanding open rate of 98%, low-cost SMS result in a higher response and action rate. 

  • Sustainability: Make your business ‘go green’ by communicating with your customers in a carbon-free way. 

  • Simplicity: There is no need to download additional softwares or applications to send marketing SMSes. Send your marketing campaign in a matter of seconds from a platform that has been customized to your needs

  • Direct interaction with the prospect: Thanks to our 2-way-SMS messaging feature, you can receive first-hand insights to campaigns. This will help in building a stronger relationship with your customers, leading to an increase in engagement and conversion rate. 

The top highlights

  • Content: Your low-cost SMS is limited to 160 characters (spaces included). This allows you to write a short and concise message.

  • Sender ID: The numeric shortcode provided by the operators cannot be personalized.

  • Statistics: You will be able to retrieve the number of messages sent from past campaigns, however you won’t be able to know whether the message was received by the customer successfully.

We also provide other services such as spam protection, quick delivery of messages and more.

Low cost SMS with Octopush

From 300 SMSes to 150,000 SMSes, we’ve got a range of bulk SMS packages to meet your needs. For larger quantities do not hesitate to contact us, we’ve got a solution for everyone.

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