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Rich Communication Services

Mobile Messaging Reinvented

rich communication services

What is Rich communication Services or RCS?

Rich Communication Services, or RCS, is a next-generation SMS service designed to improve messaging experience. It allows for more content to be shared through SMS – like photos, videos, files, payments and phone calls, all directly going into your default Android message app.

Who is RCS for?

RCS is conceived for marketing departments of companies that conduct scenario planning with their prospects/customers and then manage the possible scenario outcomes.

In fact, the goal of RCS is to allow better communication and interaction with your targets. You must be able – via a chatbot or a human team – to meet the expectations created by the message sent. 

Suffice to say that this service is not within the reach of all.

Why is Rich Communication Services so special?

RCS is the Android service that arrived to compete with Apple’s iMessage. 

RCS enables you to make your communication process much more interactive and multimedia-rich. It does that by allowing audio, video and file sharing, geolocation, voice messages, group discussions, call to action and even payments. 

It’s a revolution. It’s a fusion of Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Wechat in SMS format.

Advantages of Rich Communication Services:

  • Verified business accounts that strengthen your brand’s name

  • Rich Media: enrich your messages thanks to multimedia channels like images, voice messages, videos, CTA and more

  • Share: share documents and large-capacity images easily

  • Statistics: track your messages’ delivery receipts and reading rates

  • Suggested actions: propose Call To Action, buttons, calendars etc…

  • Suggested answers: make exchanges with your contacts easier by offering customizable answer buttons based on your requirements

Features of RCS:

Rich Communication Services is a combination of SMS and MMS. Currently supported by 50 operators in 33 countries, including France and England, it will soon be available on 5 continents. Google and Microsoft operating systems carry the default RCS protocol and 11 manufacturers integrate this default protocol into their mobiles.

RCS at Octopush:

RCS requires you to configure and certify your business with the operators before you can send a message. There is an on-boarding policy that at this stage only allows large companies to use it. 

We invite you to contact us to verify your eligibility and get assistance to use this new communication channel *.

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