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SMS 2.0

Mobile mini website via SMS

SMS 2.0

With SMS 2.0 or Rich SMS, create your Landing Page and break new ground on media marketing 

SMS 2.0 or Rich SMS uses messages to present a mini mobile website to the recipients of the SMS. It allows you to send your Landing Page to your contact list and to get them to engage with you, increasing conversion rates. A free service at the forefront of marketing 2.0.

Do you want to follow the best marketing trends and stand out from the competing advertising offers? Do you want to be able to engage with your customers or prospects and give them the opportunity to retrieve an online coupon, validate a quiz, or visit a test product page?

Then SMS 2.0 is for you.

What is SMS 2.0?

In the wake of the latest mobile marketing trends, SMS 2.0 or Rich SMS is a service highly valued by consumers. It is an SMS containing a URL that leads to a Landing Page – created specifically for a responsive mobile marketing campaign.

It allows for an unprecedented mobile experience that is renewed in each visit.  The content shared over SMS 2.0 is fully customizable, which allows you to stick to the editorial line of your website, the colors of your logo, and the tone that you adopted in your standard marketing.

Who is SMS 2.0 for?

SMS 2.0 appeals to all marketers looking for innovation in their mobile communication and immediate customer engagement. Companies looking to have an online presence delivered to their recipients will be seduced by the Landing Page format Rich SMS offers. 

Thanks to its new format, Rich SMS will allow you to engage your customers immediately. They will be captivated by how easily they can take action and you will reap the benefits from your marketing campaign.

Engagement and quick conversion – Rich SMS has it all. 

How can you use SMS 2.0?

  • Test product page: announce the launch of your new product by creating a dedicated mini-website. This will allow you to analyze your audience’s behavior towards your new product and to perform better later on.

  • Online questionnaire: compile customer opinions, the most necessary information for your customer service or the development of your business, by creating a fun questionnaire accessible via SMS.

  • Games: increase affinity with your prospects by creating a game around the theme of your business.

  • Contest: generate curiosity about your business among your target base by sending them a contest entry form.

  • Registration form: the Landing Page has the ideal format for a website registration form, an event or an association membership.

  • Cart Update: are items booked by your customers no longer available? Send them an update of their shopping cart with a selection of similar items.

Check out our online use cases, and let your imagination run freely.

Advantages* of SMS 2.0:

  • Customizable: SMS 2.0 is fully customizable and is only limited by your imagination.

  • Editor WYSIWYG  (What You See Is What You Get): editing made easy with our tool that allows you to preview online your mini website’s appearance. You don’t need to know about development or design, our editor will do it all for you. Test it today.

  • Hosting: your pages are hosted at Octopush. With our France based servers, you are guaranteed maximum security standards.  

  • Content: up to 459 characters including spaces. 

  • Statistics: get statistics and follow up on receipts to keep track of the success of your campaign.

  • Deliverability: 100% delivery rate and instant mailing speed for optimized campaigns.

As well as all the functionalities offered by our service: scheduled sending, direct mail, etc…

* Service available soon

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