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A SMS communication tool for professionals


SMS Pro, a sender customization service ideal for your communication campaigns

Personalized sender, statistics creation … SMS Pro allows you to send SMS campaigns that are optimized for mindful communication that guarantees a better brand image.

Are you meticulous about your brand image? Is branding a big part of your marketing strategy? Do you need a customizable, easy-to-use communication channel that allows you to stand out from the competition and ensure optimal customer care? Discover SMS Pro (Premium).

What is SMS Pro?

SMS Pro is an SMS service that allows you to send messages in bulk or one by one of more than 160 characters* (spaces included), unlike SMS LowCost which is limited to 160 characters. With this feature, you can send long SMS messages and convey as much information as possible in only one message.  

It also offers the possibility to customize the sender of your SMS in 11 alphanumeric characters. You will be able to display the name of your company, organization or even your own name – which guarantees you to be identified immediately by your receiver when they get the message. Your recipients will recognize you, trust the message and keep your contact.

Above all, SMS Pro’s INSTANT sending speed makes it a vital tool for Transactional Messaging.

Who is SMS Pro for?

SMS Pro is used by professionals who want to cultivate their brand image, promote personalized advertising messages and reach their targets with messages adapted to each situation.

It is also a perfect tool for those who want to analyze the impact of their campaigns –  thanks to advanced statistics and acknowledgements of receipt available on our platform.

SMS Pro is the ideal service for a variety of purposes, such as transactional SMS sending, customer follow-up messages, appointment reminders, one time password, alert messages, and others. That’s why we recommend its adoption to all professionals who use SMS as a means of communication with their contacts.  Click here to see a full list of its uses.

The advantages of SMS Pro:

  • Cutting costs: SMS Pro offers an effective communication channel at low prices and provides statistics that you benefit from, thus increasing your ROI easily. See all our prices online.

  • Deliverability: immediate sending speed, SMS reception rate of 100%. Your recipients receive the expected information and that improves your customer relationship.

  • Readability: with opening and reading rates of + 98%, you are guaranteed to reach your targets in a few clicks.

  • Environmentally friendly: 0 Carbon footprint. SMS Pro is the greener communication tool.

  • Simplicity: a convenient platform at your disposal designed to facilitate communication, combined with our API documentation that will allow you to integrate our solution to your software, application or CRM and automate your mailings.

  • Conversational: through SMS Response, you chat with your contacts and get the information you need to improve your business. 

SMS Pro specifications:

  • Content: long SMS up to 764 characters* of content (*including spaces), allowing you to send the maximum amount of information at the right time.

  • Customizable Sender: 11 alphanumeric characters at your disposal, a feature that guarantees you to be identified among all SMS received by your recipient.

  • Statistics: campaign tracking and receipt tracking at your disposal on your customer interface for a better analysis of the return on investment of your mailings and your performance.

  • Destination: SMS Pro allows you to carry out bulk SMS campaigns and individual sendings to Metropolitan France.

As well as all the functionalities offered on our platform: scheduled sending, direct mail,  secured data, SMS to Web, etc…

SMS Pro at Octopush:

At Octopush, benefit from our specialized customer service experience to help you get the most out of our SMS Pro service.

Check out our user guide here.

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* Billing from 1 to 5 SMS per sending based on the number of characters in the SMS from 1 to 764 characters.