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Long virtual phone number

Rent a dedicated virtual phone number

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virtual phone number

Long Number, send and receive SMS from a dedicated number

The rental of a Long Number or Virtual Mobile Number allows professionals a large number of uses: Chat, receive and manage responses or direct solicitations from contacts, enlarge the customer directory, conduct surveys etc …

Do you want to receive messages from your prospects? Do surveys? Enrich your contact list? Collect valuable data for the development of your business? The Virtual Mobile Number is for you.

What is a Long Virtual Phone Number or Long Code Number?

The Virtual Phone Number is a mobile phone number rental service dedicated to a single client so that he can send and receive SMS 24/7.

Unlike the traditional SMS mailings from our platform that use random phone numbers or personalized senders, with your own exclusive mobile number you get the same number for all your SMS campaigns.  

Who is Virtual Mobile Number for?

This service is intended for professionals that wish to receive direct solicitations from their contacts as well as answers to their SMS messages.

It guarantees smooth communication between the professionals and their interlocutors.

A single number for improving customer service, compiling information needed by the company and much more.

The use of a Virtual Number allows professionals to improve the cost-effectiveness of their work processes.

Examples of uses for Virtual Mobile Number:

  • Surveys: send a survey by SMS and easily receive answers.

  • Enrich your address book: hand out your exclusive mobile number and retrieve the numbers of contacts that respond to it.

  • Chat: chat with your contacts, 2 WAY SMS.

  • Registration/unsubscription: offer registration or unsubscription to a service or a newsletter by SMS.

  • After Sales Service: make a Customer Service chat or Customer Support line available.

  • Use scenarios and groups with exclusive, devoted keywords.

and a multitude of other possibilities within your reach.

Advantages of having a Long Code Number:

  • International: rent a Virtual Number in more than 40 countries *

  • Security: rent a virtual number with an annual subscription at a fixed cost. There is no surprise on the final bill, you pay exactly what you set up.

  • Economy: rent your Virtual Number at the best price, and receive mobile calls at no extra cost.

  • Unlimited use: enjoy the features of the Virtual Mobile Number for the duration of your subscription and receive free and unlimited SMS and/or calls from your interlocutors.

  • Identification: a fixed sender’s  number for your outgoing SMS, you are identifiable to everyone, and a part of your clients’ contacts list.

  • SMS API: Integrate our SMS API and manage the receipt of SMS from your contacts directly on your software or mobile application.

With a virtual long code number, you are entitled to use all functionalities of Octopush services.

How does the Long Virtual Number work?

Step 1: Request a quote for the rental of a Virtual Mobile Number in the country of your choice.

Step 2: Validate your quote with one of our advisors.

Step 3: Octopush gives you a unique and valid dedicated Phone Number for the duration of your subscription.

Step 4: Hand out your Virtual Number to your contacts, customers or collaborators. They will now be able to reach you via SMS directly on this line.

Step 5: Receive and check for your contacts’ SMS for free on your Octopush client interface, or directly on your API.

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