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Voice SMS

Send voice messages for extra efficiency

send voice sms

Voice SMS: ideal for information campaigns or phone prospecting

Voice SMS service allows you to send a text message that transforms into a voice message both on the landline or mobile phone of your contact. There are many different uses to the Text to Speech technology, discover them all today. 

Do you want to send a voice message to your contacts? Send a reminder? Send your customers a multiple-choice question? We present to you our Voice SMS service that allows you to automate SMS communication between you and your clients.

What is Voice SMS?

Simply write a text message – our Voice SMS service will convert it into a voicemail message, and send it by SMS to the mobile or fixed line of your recipients – this is our specialty.


Who is Voice SMS for?

Voice SMS can be adapted to the needs of all different professionals. Marketing campaigns, appointment reminders, and even market studies are now done without human resources. Low cost, formidable efficiency.

Companies that use our Voice SMS service save time and money by using this tool rather than assigning a team of employees to manage phone calls that do not necessarily succeed.  

Examples of Voice SMS uses:

  • Voice SMS for commercial prospecting – allows you to call a list of contacts and filter the people who are actually interested in your offer.

    Example : “Dear Orange subscriber, you have now the possibility to renew your phone subscription. If interested, type 5 so that one of our advisors calls you back within 24 hours. An iPhone 6 will be offered, otherwise, you are welcome to hang up. Thank you.”

  • Voice SMS as part of your customer relationship allows you to improve your service quality:

    You are a telephone appointment platform connecting a patient with a doctor. The patient contacts the doctor via your platform, when the call is answered, a small voice message announces that “this call is issued by company X”

Possibilities are endless, it’s your turn to come up with new uses for Voice SMS!

The advantages of Voice SMS:

  • Saving resources: no waste of human assets, automation of your mailings and content of your messages.

  • Deliverability: 100% delivery rate.

  • Speed: average sending speed of over 85000 calls/hour.

Voice SMS specifications:

  • Text to speech: write a text – we convert it into a voice message.

  • Male/female voice: choose the voice you want to include in your voice message.

  • Flexible message length

  • Possibility of call forwarding. *

  • Statistics: compile the Voice SMS receipts, as well as the reading confirmation on our platform for a better analysis of your results.

As well as all the functionalities offered by our service: scheduled sendings, direct mail, call recordings, choice of call slots, etc…

Voice SMS at Octopush *:

We have designed our Voice SMS service especially for our customers who want to lower their acquisition and processing costs.

Test our simulation tool directly with your client base *.