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Whatsapp Business

Communication 2.0 for professionals

whatsapp business

Whatsapp Business, a professional messaging tool 

Make the most out of the potential of modern communication with the Whatsapp Business API. The power of Whatsapp will allow you to optimize your mobile marketing campaign or any type of business contact.

Saving time and marketing costs and concentrating your communication via a single channel is what our Whatsapp Business API offers you.

Follow the guide:

What is Whatsapp Business?

It is the new application of Whatsapp House, dedicated entirely to the communication of professionals – especially VSEs/SMEs. 

A platform that allows interactions between professionals and individuals via message discussion and chats enriched by audio, photos or even videos.

The application offers a whole series of functionalities available to use by professionals, in particular, VSE/SME. They answer the majority of the problems regarding support management, alerts and personalized follow-ups with customers.

Who is Whatsapp Business for?

This application is specially designed for professionals who want to improve their communication, to automate discussion of scenarios and to better manage incoming conversations solicited by their customers.

Business and marketing departments that demand practical and innovative tools will be delighted with the automation features provided by Whatsapp Business.

Advantages of Whatsapp Business:

  • Multiple uses: advertising, alerts, order confirmations, appointment and reminders… all types of messages are allowed on the platform.

  • Communication 2.0: enhanced messaging through the popular Whatsapp chatting platform. Share files, audios, videos, photos, CTA…

  • Accessibility: professional and corporate email accounts are reachable from international numbers.

  • Economy: conversations initiated by customers are free.

  • Rates: the cost of a push Whatsapp notification is lower than the cost of sending an SMS.

  • Conveniency: When using our API you can easily integrate Whatsapp Business solution into your software.

  • Security: end-to-end encrypted data by Whatsapp for secure communication.

The features of Whatsapp Business:

  • Exclusive number: a unique mobile phone number is required for management and mailings from your Whatsapp Business account. Rent a virtual mobile line at Octopush for convenience.

  • Professional profile: the company creates its validated user profile, a feature that reassures the public of the message.

  • Registration: Whatsapp requires pre-registration and message templates validation, thus ensuring an instant messaging platform that is clean of spam.

  • Suggested actions: Set up Call to Action of all kinds, engaging your customers to act.

  • Suggested answers: provide your interviewer with typical answers based on predefined scenarios.

  • Statistics: detailed statistics tool with real-time acknowledgement receipts.

Whatsapp Business API at Octopush:

Enjoy access to our Whatsapp Business API to validate your professional profile and benefit from all the features on the platform. Contact us now – we will help you embark on the Whatsapp Business revolution.

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