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Callback management

When using our SMS notification service, you can receive 3 types of response:


How to set up those URLs ?

URLs have to be checked by our services. We need to verify that your page does not return any data. No display, no HTML tag. Then, you just have to send us your URLs and we will set them up for you.


Callbacks URL

These callbacks are by HTTP (or HTTPS) POST to a URL that you provide us by email.
You may provide up to three different URLs for a callback depending on your handling of the callbacks according to the fields received.

You can easily identify the type of callback according to whether you receive answer_date, DELIVERY_DATE or stop_date.


Special restrictions

The target URL you provide should not display anything, not even a blank HTML body.
This enables exchanges between our servers and yours without generating unnecessary connection traffic.
Activity is currently verified manually, but will soon be automated, and sites that do not comply with the above requirement may be disabled.



  • Test your page with both GET and POST parameters before you send it to us.
  • Disable error display (to avoid any error warning, notice, fatal, etc …).
  • Do not display messages, but redirect them to a log file.
  • Kill your process as soon as the data received are recorded.
  • Finally, for best performance, processing data received asynchronously: simply save the data somewhere (file or database table) and process it with another script (cron or trigger).