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Check your SMS balance


This Web Service allows you to recover your balance in number of SMS.
The result gives you your balance in Premium and Standard.



XML : https://www.octopush-dm.com/api/balance

JSON : https://www.octopush-dm.com/api/balance/json


Special parameters

Name Definition
user_login User login (email address).
api_key API key available on your manager.


Curl example

curl “https://www.octopush-dm.com/api/balance/?user_login=*****%40******.com&api_key=***************”

XML Back

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<balance type=“FR”>1251.80</balance>
<balance type=“XXX”>1829.40</balance>

JSon Back


Defining XML Tags

Code Definition
error_code Consult the list of errors
balance type=”FR” Your remaining Premium France SMS balance.
balance type=”XXX” Your France Low Cost SMS balance.