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Send deferred SMS


Messages sent with the Octopush SMS API can be scheduled.
We send the messages on the date you specify.
The date must be presented in the form of a timestamp based on GMT + 1.



XML : https://www.octopush-dm.com/api/sms

JSON : https://www.octopush-dm.com/api/sms/json





Special parameters

Name Definition
user_login User login (email address).
api_key API key available on your manager.
sms_recipients List of numbers in international format + XXZZZZZ separated by commas.
sms_text Message text (maximum 459 characters).
sms_type SMS Type: XXX = Low Cost SMS; FR = Premium SMS; WWW = Global SMS. In France, if “STOP XXXXX” is missing from your text, the API will return an error.
sms_sender (if sms_type != XXX) Sender of the message (if the user allows it), 3-11 alphanumeric characters (a-zA-Z).
sms_mode Sending profile : default : 1 1 = Instant sending, 2 = Delayed sending (you must specify the date)
sending_date Timestamp, shown in GMT + 1


Curl example

curl https://www.octopush-dm.com/api/sms/?user_login=*****%40******.com&api_key=***************&sms_text=un+exemple+de+texte&sms_recipients=0033601010101&sms_type=FR&sms_sender=Octopush&sms_mode=2&sending_date=1455975613

XML Back

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
< successs>
< success>
< /success>
< /successs>
< /failures>

JSon Back


Defining XML Tags

Refer to page XML Returns