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Octopush SMS Gateway

A Simple, but Efficient Bulk Message Sender

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Why You Should Try Octopush SMS Gateway? 

Know About the Amazing Prospective of SMS Marketing

Do you want your advertising message to reach the highest number of customers in the shortest possible timeframe? Would you like to increase brand awareness, and boost business profit quickly? 

If the answer to the above questions is yes, it is time to try the new Octopush SMS Gateway. Our specialized software enables you instant bulk SMS sending throughout the entire world. 

SMS marketing has a huge potential. Did you know that more than 95% of people you send the message to will read it? That makes SMS gateway the most effective marketing method out there!

According to statistics, 95% of people will read the message you send. We all have a habit of opening text messages, and that is where your chance lies.

Octopush is the best bulk sender you will ever try. It is not only a claim, and we firmly believe that you won’t find these features anywhere else. We care and respect each our client, which is why we designed a high-quality and certified product. Octopush is compliant with ISO and GDPR standards. Thanks to that, your data will be completely secure and stored in a way that is compliant with international laws.  

Customize the Message and the Sender

We are living fast-paced lives, and nobody has time to read long articles, let alone marketing “essays.” You need to keep your message short and precise, and that is why 160 characters are more than enough. If it is necessary, our SMS gateway allows you to send more than a single message, but the shorter you make it, the more successful you can be.

Apart from customizing each detail of what you send to potential customers and partners, you can also edit the sender. That enables an additional level of personalization. Instead of seeing a random number, recipients will read the name of your company, which will immediately increase brand awareness

It is not only about advertising your brand. You can also use our SMS sender to stay in touch with your customers. For example, you can send an order confirmation, or issue a reminder that the subscription to your service is ending soon. The opportunities are endless, the effort is minimal, and the results are maximal!

Editing your contact list is a piece of cake with our SMS gateway. Whether you want to erase contact, remove all duplicates, or modify numbers, it is all possible with a couple of clicks. We will make your job even easier by managing stops. 

If anyone responds that they don’t want to receive messages from you, their number will be blacklisted automatically. That will make contact management easier, but also ensure that you save money to send messages to others!

Campaign Statistics and Template Management

If you want to maximize marketing results, you need to rely on statistics of your campaigns. Our SMS gateway provides in-depth statistic of your campaign performance. That will tell you what types of messages perform better than the others. You will know where to focus your attention, which will help to maximize brand awareness and profit!

If your last campaign was incredibly successful, and you will surely repeat it in the future. In that case, how about creating a template that you can access easily whenever you need it? That can shorten the time required for tailoring and sending messages.

You can also schedule messages, which can be important if you do business with clients in different time zones. You don’t want to wake up a potential buyer, but you also don’t want to stay awake to send messages in the middle of the night. The solution lies in scheduling posts, which is an essential feature of our bulk SMS sender.

Try Octopush Bulk SMS Sender for Free!

We are so confident in our SMS gateway that we will allow you to test it for free. Our free trial is the best way to see all the cool features by yourself and realize how helpful our tool can be for your marketing efforts. All it takes to register is an e-mail address and a valid phone number. 

Once you try our revolutionary product, you will wish it as a marketing asset forever. The good news is that Octopush is available at an incredibly low cost per message. Please check out our pricing plans, and pick the one that suits you the most! 

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The SMS revolution within your reach