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The ability to send professional SMS is a real asset for a company. You can do it through the API or the online platform, and the price is usually a few cents per text message.

SMS cost

SMS prices will vary depending on several criteria. The first one is the destination territory. For France, you can choose between the low cost and the premium versions. For the rest of the world, the amount depends on the delivery country.

Another factor to consider is the number of characters in the message. The number of credits acquired is also relevant, in fact, at Octopush, you can buy packs with decreasing rates. Rates are specific for each of the 220 states covered in 2019. Compare them easily on our international price list.

Services included

Managing contacts and stopping duplicates will facilitate your SMS campaigns. Anti-hacking data and customizable text are also included. To comply with the legal obligations of scheduled advertisement, you can make use of delayed mailings. 

There is no requirement to commit for a period of use or even a minimum monthly purchase. It performs just as well for one-time needs as it does with regular use. 

The delivery and receipt guarantee of the SMS should also be taken into account. For national mailings, receipts achieve  99.6% and 100% respectively for Low Cost and Premium. For the European Union and other territories, that number will depend on the local operator.

Many options are available and they are detailed based on each recipient state. To know them, visit our page on SMS sendings by country. 

The advantages of  professional SMS

This communication channel allows you to reach your prospects more easily – reading text messages on mobile phones has become superior to reading messages via emails.

With the SMS platform, you will be able to implement massive campaigns. For more precise targeting corresponding to certain actions, you will use the SMS API. We will facilitate multiple ways to keep in touch with your customers.

You can also send SMS that will take the form of voice messages. You can choose a male or female voice, for more user-friendliness options.