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What is a SMS software?

An SMS software allows you to use a computer to send and receive SMS, which is essential to start your text-message campaigns. Imagine texting your large database of customers from a phone, it would take a lot of time and resources!

With a software SMS, you can do it at scale and with much more functionalities to perform at a professional level and get more conversions.

If you still haven’t started yours, let us give you some insight about the numbers of SMS Marketing:

Campagne SMS

As you can observe from the infographics, SMS has almost a 100% open rate, which is nearly 80% more than email open rate. People respond on average a 40% more to an SMS to an email, and they take only 90 seconds to do so. For emails, they can take up to 90 minutes. Also, 75% of people are willing to receive offers by SMS which they would read within the first 3 minutes in 95% of the cases.

What to look for in an SMS Software?

Easy sync with your contact’s data: pick a software that would allow you to upload CSV files with your numbers, or to sync with your CRM or database through API or integrations.

Compliant: make sure that it is compliant with your local regulations, like the GDPR for Europe. Some countries, like France, also have more regulations that you should follow.

Analytics: what good is it to send lots of SMS if you don’t know how they’re performing? Having real-time simple data about how your users are interacting with your marketing efforts will guide your path to success by showing you what to adjust and improve.

Personalization: delivering tailored messages to your audience will improve conversion, so make sure that you have available some personalization tools within your software, such the ability to create segments and merge-tags.

Branding: align your messages with your brand by having a unique dedicated phone number to send and receive SMS, with your name on it.

Why choose Octopush?

Though there are plenty of options in the market, Octopush’s forte is that we specialize in Mobile, so you will be able to display a full mobile marketing approach for your customers or audience straight from our platform.

You can also connect with our API or with our integrations to create automatic workflows using all the power of Octopush.

Mobile Marketing is more than SMS. See everything that you can do:

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  • Virtual Number: Rent a mobile line to send and receive SMS.
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  • Lookup: Verify your database and avoid failed SMS.
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