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Web SMS, Calculate The Exact ROI of Your Campaign

Voice messages for greater efficiency


Web SMS: ideal for engaging your customer on a web page and tracking their behaviour

Do you want to be able to direct your customers or prospects to an internet link (URL) to retrieve an online coupon, validate a quiz, visit a test product page and above all track their individual behaviours?

Then Web SMS is for you.

Octopush allows you to generate a short URL personalized based on the recipient to be able to accurately track their behaviour, purchases, navigation patterns, etc. 

The Server allows you to use SMS to exploit the attention and power of your mobile site to engage your customer immediately on a customizable operation.

Web SMS is an option offered when using Lowcost or SMS Pro.

What is Web SMS?

With Web SMS you can create intricated and effective marketing campaigns online using just s web browser. Unlimited storage, message scheduling, bulk messaging and sender personalization are just some of the actions you can take advantage of using Web SMS. 

You can use Web SMS to send marketing messages that contain the URL of your business, a promotion page, a questionnaire or anything you like. It is not only useful to get traffic on your website and create revenue, but it also advantageous to track customer behaviour, understand their engagement patterns and analyse their navigation using analytics. 

When including a link in your Web SMS you can direct your receivers to your online content and have the ability to see how many people are clicking on your website and who they are. 

Benefits of Web SMS and how to use it

With Web SMS, you can send a link with a short URL with your marketing messages. It is also possible to send personalized URLs based on each number and each client’s behaviour and needs. When someone clicks on the link through the SMS, that information is stored and you can differentiate the visits your website received via messages or other marketing campaigns. 

Track how well your SMS performs and make changes based on those reports for campaigns that get more effective at each round. Web SMS is a great tool to understand clicks and you can also set up automated follow-up messages for numbers that clicked on the link. Establish a timeframe and send additional material to match each recipient’s actions. 

With Web SMS, do more than counting clicks – set a tracking link that generates a unique link for every contact. Know everything about your campaign: who clicked on what, and at what time. Create new lists with contacts that clicked on the link for a new, more personalized approach. 

Send thank-you notes to build up your relationship with your customers and reminders to institute trust. 

Who is Web SMS for?

Web SMS is designed for modern business owners and marketing teams that need to launch full campaign completely through a Web application, and closely follow the results of their ROI. See some examples of what Web SMS can achieve. 

“Hi Jane, thank you for signing up with our program, you can download our app at https://url.com/yu76o92j” 

“Good morning, follow our Instagram for daily promotions and special coupons at https://url.com/to06o52h”

“Hungry? Check our special lunch menu at https://url.com/op92fco”

Additionally, send follow-up messages for those who click on a specific link, like:

“Hi Mike, thank you for checking out our special lunch menu. Redeem a discount coupon to have lunch today at https://url.com/yu76o92j”

Possibilities are endless, create your campaigns and make the best use of your resources with Web SMS. 

Product characteristics

Creation of a short URL: URLs can take up to 100 characters, and with SMS limit being 160, you don’t want to waste almost all of it on just a URL. Use Web SMS to create short URLs that work just as well

  • Send personalized URLs based on the recipient: send bulk messages with the same content, or personalize the content and URL to match the individual behaviours and needs of each recipient
  • Count clicks: get instant reports on how many messages turned into clicks 
  • Analyse the clicks: track each SMS to understand who clicked on which links 
  • Automate responses for each action: create automated answers for each action taken by the prospects 
  • Determine your ROI: calculate your exact Return Of Investment and devise where to cut costs and where to invest more 
  • SMS features that you can choose: Lowcost, Pro (Premium), World

As well as all the functionalities offered by our platform: scheduled sending, direct mail etc.

Web SMS at Octopush

At Octopush you will experience the full use of Web SMS with SMS LowCost and SMSPro (Premium). Send bulk messages, URLs, customizable information, automated follow-ups, scheduled mailings and reminders whenever you want, your way.