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Text Message Marketing

For Professionals

text message marketing

Why sending a text message marketing?

  • Low-cost and a high ROI: We offer a cost-effective, reliable service. In comparison to other marketing channels, online text messaging is one of the cheapest mediums with a high ROI. To check out our amazing prices, please click on https://www.octopush.com/en/sms-prices/
  • Wide reach: Whether you’re sending text messages locally, nationally or internationally, thanks to our high quality SMS getaway, we guarantee the delivery of messages without going through spam and filters. 

Check out our optimized features

Sending text messages marketing using Octopush’s platform is very simple. We take usability and user satisfaction to a new level with our services. Once you create an account with us, you will have full access to our features, which will allow you to send high-quality campaigns for your business in a matter of seconds. 

  • Bulk SMS: With bulk SMS, you can send out thousands of targeted messages to customers at the same time in just a few clicks. These messages could be: notifications, promotions, alerts, reminders and more. Having a direct contact with the customer will drive engagement and revenue.

  • Conversation history: This feature is perfect to improve your customer service. Not only can you type faster and avoid spelling mistakes, but one will be able to monitor past activities and find specific messages which may help solve a problem.

  • Easily Manage Contact lists: With Octopush, you can manage thousands of mobile phone numbers and e-mails easily. Based on the users’ activity, you can create segmented lists to set up personalized, automated messages.

  • Scheduling in advance: We’ve made planning and sending SMS to clients easy. You can write and schedule your text message marketing days or months in advance. Don’t worry, you can cancel or edit your scheduled campaigns anytime before the send date.

  • Tracking: Once your SMS is sent, Octopush has a visual, easy, and informative way to measure the success of the campaign. With the help of a UTM parameter, you will be able to track the number of sales the SMS led to. You will also be able to report on important KPIs such as: delivery rate, opt-in/opt-out rates, open rate, conversion rate etc…

  • Personalization: Keeping the message unique and personalized is very important. In our tool, you will be able to do both. If your contact list contains the first name, surname or any other information of the customer, you can make your SMS more personal by entering unlimited custom contact fields.

  • Template management: To make the process easy, you can store your messages, contacts, and templates in one place. You can save your frequently sent texts as templates so that you can recycle them whenever you need to without additional work. You can send thousands of customized messages using one template. This feature is a big win for marketers – you will need less time to prepare SMS campaigns.

Check out our full range of features here: https://www.octopush.com/en/features/

Test Octopush’s Bulk SMS service for free

Try our SMS platform for free with no commitment. To use our interface, all you need to do is register with an e-mail address and a valid phone number. It will jus take 1 minute of your time! While you try, please do check out our pricing plan and pick one that suits you the best.