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About us

Our history :

Octopush Yoni had a diner during the summer 2011 at a pizzeria. Yoni proposed himself to launch a company in the SMS space as he saw an opportunity for a better service in the market having tested all of our competitors solutions while working at Vivendi. 6 month later Octopush was live.

Our mission statement :

To create a simple and user-friendly SMS service for professionals.

Yoni Guimberteau – CTO

Yoni Guimberteau – CTO Linkedin - Yoni Guimberteau – CTO

Yoni started in the SMS domain in 2005 as a quality expert and technical consultant.
After developing several SMS platforms, he decided to bring his experience and expertise in the field to start Octopush. The end result is an improved platform that is super-reliable and user-friendly.
Yoni is the system architect and always does his best to meet the needs of our customers.