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The Octopush Team

SMS provider since 2006


Our Story

Octopush is the evolved version of a previous company specializing in sending SMS created in 2006 by the same founder.

Pushy-the-Octopus, the famous recognizable mascot, was born from the imagination of the founder.

Inspired by his beloved coastline in Marseilles, near which he lives, he invited the mischievous animal at the heart of the marketing language with a pun (“la pieuvre” meaning Octopus in English).

Every day, the Octopush team dedicates itself to the development of its platform and the improvement of its services, with the emblematic Pushy-the-Octopus as leader showing the path to follow with its tentacles.

Octopush, the mission

Octopush offers easy to use, ergonomic SMS sending solutions at the cutting edge of technology, adapted to all types of public.

The Octopush team has developed a system allowing an international deployment thanks to a solution developed “in-house” in hosted mode (SaaS, service as a software + API).

Octopush can address the challenges of SMS messaging for everyone, from SMEs to large groups, from marketing departments to communication agencies and IT companies.

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The SMS revolution within your reach